Holiday Recap

Hey loves! I hope your Thanksgiving was well to you and your families. I know mine was and the food was AMAZING. I’m actually sitting here eating leftovers lol. Anywho, I’m here today to show you the two outfits that I wore over the weekend. They both are pickups I made at FTF right before Black Friday.

On Thanksgiving I kept it simple with the Delancey Ribbed Zip Dress and gold accessories. It was surprisingly nice weather outside so this dress was the perfect piece to wear. I was planing to wear heels to dress it up, but as soon as I put them on I felt like it was unnecessary.


Black Friday I wore the Olive Midi Day Dress because I wanted to comfortable while I was at work. I’ve been on a search for this dress after I missed them in the store over the summer. FTF bought the dress back and I was able to grab the last one in my size. You know how I feel about grabbing the last one thats in my size. It was meant for me lol!


I will be pairing these looks with different shoes and accessories later down the line just to have options for when I go out. You never know when you might want to try something new and step out the box. As you know I am a very casual girl. I hardly wear heels, but when the time is right and necessary I’ll pull a pair out. Who knows what might be under the Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & get those Black Friday deals. The sales are still going on in certain stores and on their websites

Outfit Details

Dresses & Duster : FTF

Jewelry: Charming Charlie & Vintage 

Shoes & Purse: Coach Factory


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