The Other Day

Hello loves! Did anybody watch Project Runway and witness Ashley winning last night?!?! I didn’t get to see the episode but I knew that she was gonna win from the start. When I found out about her winning last night I was over joyed. She is the first plus size designer to make it and win! I am so happy for her and what she is about to do for the plus size industry. Woo lol Congrats Ashley!

I’ve been working like crazy and haven’t been able to post like I wanted to in the past 3 days. But no worries here is a little recap. On Wednesday I felt so good. I managed to not blog about the day at all! I felt like my hair was on point when I put a hat on. (The leave out at top of my head just does not want to blend or stay straight) Oh the joys of the natural life. Might I add my outfit was on point! I all around felt really good. Luckily while I was at work I managed to get a few pictures of what I wore.

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Outfit Details

Hat & Cardigan: Fashion To Figure

Jewelry: Lanell’s Jewelry Box

Top: Macy’s

Skirt: Rue 21

Shoes: Coach Factory 

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