Lanell’s Jewelry Box

Over the years I have gathered enough jewelry from all over. One place I know I can find THE most unique pieces is at Lanell’s Jewelry Box. The wonderful woman behind these pieces is Lanell Lightfoot (o r as I like to call her Mama Lanell). She is an amazing mother and wife and has put her everything into her business. Most of my jewelry comes from her and might I add some of my bags have too.

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☝🏾I even purchased my jewelry from my junior prom from Lanell’s Jewelry Box☝🏾

The pictures below are some of the pieces that I picked up from her new location in Annapolis Mall in Annapolis, Maryland. This location recently opened at the begin of the month and is doing AMAZING! She has the most amazing, big, and bold statement pieces from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.



If you don’t live in the DMV area and can’t make it to her personally, thankfully there is a website for your shopping abilities. Go ahead and visit and rack up on these amazing pieces and more. I promise your family and friends will drool over them and ask where did you get them. But go ahead and have a good time shopping! Let her know Jonice sent you 🙂

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