Extra Casual Recap

 I love my nope shirt from Rebdolls. I’ve blogged about the shirt before when I first purchased it. Every time I wear the shirt a few people ask why I have nope on my shirt and all I can do I laugh. There is no serious reason unless the day is not going my way lol. I have a thing for graphic tshirts and the collection is forever growing. This look is from Saturday when I went to work. I am also wearing the Ranger Hooded Cargo Jacket and Acid Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans from FTF. 
Outfit Details:

Jacket: Fashion To Figure

Shirt: Rebdolls

Pants: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes: Coach Factory 

In this look I said I would wear white after Labor Day & I have! That day it was raining and very muggy. It was a quick look I put together to run errunds with the fan bam. None the less I was comfy and cute, the look I always try to achieve.

Outfit Details:

Necklace: Forever 21

Shirt: Ross

Pants: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes: Coach Factory 

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