Last Days of Summer

Its the days where the weather is cool in the mornings, blazing during the day, & cool again in the evening. These are the days where we are ready to pull out our jackets, boots, hoodies and sweaters. But we can’t do that quite yet. 

The humidity is currently disrespectful and disgusting here in Maryland & hard to find something to wear. I’ve changed about 3 to 5 times just so I could go to work and be comfortable & abiding the dress code. I finally found what would get me by for the next 5 hours. From head to toe, I am wearing FTF. 

  Quick multiple changes brought me here. I just hope that I’ll make till closing so I can get right back to where I was with Netflix and in my pjs lol. 

 Hope your hump day was everything you wanted it to be. Also keep your eyes open for NYFW & NYFWPLUS! Are you excited as I am?!!  Until later ✌🏾️

Outfit Details

Shirt & Pants: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Nine West 

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