Next Week

I’m moving out! Thats why I haven’t posted in a while. All my clothes are basically packed and ready to head to Maryland. I promise that once I get back home and settled in I’ll be back and ready than ever. How is the heat treating you? Anything new on Netflix that I don’t know about? Any good books that you suggest I read?


Ive been wrapped up in blankets just like this dog and binge watching Netflix. Whatever these last bits of summer has for me I am ready for it. Moving back home will be interesting considering the fact that I haven’t been home for this long since high school. Its a move that has to be done, but I’m excited to see my family and friends 🙂 Just give me time to get everything in order and I promise I’ll be back in action. Want to keep in contact and see what I’m up to when I’m not posting? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @soacurvygirl

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