Graphic T-Shirts 😁

I am in love with graphic t-shirts & my collection is forever growing. Yesterday I purchased two new babies from rebdolls that I have had my eye on for a while.  

  So many endless possibilities with each t-shirt. If you know the show Martin you know all about “Damn, Gina” Its one of the most used phrases from the show & everybody that watches the show knows it. NOPE is plain and simple. Not having a good day? Say no without saying it at all also while looking cute. You can pair each shirt with shorts, slacks, skirt, or jeans. Dress it up or down. Do whatever you want. I probably will wear shorts on a casual day and a mid length skirt or pencil skirt when I want to dress it up just a little bit.  

After the O Magazine’s advice on wearing crop tops the other day what better way to come back at them and show them they’re wrong.  

They offer stylish dresses, tshirts, skirts, shirts, two pieces, & even swimsuits for all sizes small-4x. Go take a look. Go shopping. TREAT YO SELF! 

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