The Weekend 

From my family being one of the few people in red, white, & blue to seeing the fireworks & not attending one cookout, this weekend was good.  My mother & father were in town & helped me move out. We also were in search for some crabs but no luck. It still shocks me that we didn’t attend a cookout this weekend. Nonetheless the sparklers we brought were popping & the food was good. I still have plenty of sparklers left. Yes I was so pressed to have them. I’m such a little girl when it comes to fireworks. It’s the firebug in me 🔥😂

Anywho, I hope each of you enjoyed the fireworks and the food at someone’s cookout. 

Outfit details below 😊

Cardigan: thrift store 

Shirt: Fashion To Figure

Jeans: Fashion To Figure 


 My mom and I. My mother & I were matching & did not plan it at all. It tends to happen a lot lol

   My best friend & I before the firework show. The little kids really wanted some of our sparklers lol

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