B. E. T. Awards 2K15

LAST NIGHT was something else. I live tweeted the whole thing right along with the rest of twitter. It was amazing night, from the tributes to Smokey Robinson & Ms. Janet Domita Jo Jackson (as my boyfriend would say) to the fail of Lil Mama performing “Sausage” & the rest of the performances, I would have to say my favorite part of the entire show was the Bad Boy Reunion.

As soon as I heard “BAAADDDD BOOOOOYYYYYYS COME OUT AND PLAAAAAAYYYYY” I knew that it was going to be amazing. When Pastor Uncle Mase came out I know I wasn’t the only one that hit the diddy bop lol. Then Faith Evens came out and then Lil Kim arose from the floor and killed it. Might I also add that her face was BEAT TO THE GAWDS. Whoever did her makeup needs to paid big! The whole performance was a representation of my childhood. To top it all off I was singing my heart out when 112 came out and started singing Peaches and Cream. Don’t ask why I knew all the words to that song at a young age, but everybody that was born in the 90s was jamming lol.

janelle-monaeNow to the my favorite dressed person on the red carpet: JANELLE MONAE!!! She stole my heart. She kept it classy with the all black cape dress and the gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti gold snake sandals. As we all know she usually goes for the suited look, but I have to say this was simple and yet so Janelle.

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