Are You a #RueBabe?


I am I am! I must say that when I first was introduced to Rue107 I knew that I had to make a few purchases when I had the chance. When that chance came, I made sure I was going to get something that I loved and not just liked. The first piece I ever purchased from them was a swimsuit that I saw Essie Golden wearing. This was the first 2 piece that I fell in love with in a while. It was outside of my comfort zone and was wondering how I would look in it. The moment I received it in the mail I loved it even more. It fit my body so well and I still wear it to this day.

rueMy second swimsuit is from Rue107 as well. I purchased the ‘Cicely White/Plush Polka Dot Top’ and the “Charlotte Ice Cream High Waisted Bikini Bottom.” . I got the same feeling from when I first brought a suit from them all over again when I saw it on their website. I’ve seen more people go for the mix and match look and I wanted to participate in this movement as well.God bless the graduation money I received a week before that allowed me to make that purchase lol. I just can’t wait to go to the pool or an amusement park and show off!

Want to see more of what Rue107 has to offer go ahead and click on the link. You won’t be disappointed!


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