🗣I Just Want To Be 6cessful

AND WE MOST DEFINITELY WILL IN JUNE! But let’s focus on today, the last day of April. As I look back on this month I did so much that I said I was going to do. Write your resume out and see how much you accomplished this month….this year! You might just shock yourself. Remember how in the last post I mentioned how I’ve been planning for our anniversary? Well soon after releasing that blog post I announced the 6CESSFUL WEEKEND I have planned.

It all starts on June 16th, OUR SIXTH ANNIVERSARY/BLOGIVERSARY. Sorry for all caps but I am so excited about this since we couldn’t do much last year. On this day we will drop our anniversary collection. It will feature pieces that can take you from day to night and having you look oh so bright with a dash of SPICE

June 17th, I am hosting a happy hour via IG live. I mean why not, especially since it is Thirsty Thursday. BUT if everything pans out we might take this party to a bar and have a few drinks together IRL! If it does I’ll keep you in the loop. You down?

June 18th is when the real party starts. A few months ago I took a poll on IG and asked if given the chance would you (our readers) take a pole dancing class. The response was unanimous YES! I took a real interest in it when I started watching P Valley. I then kept seeing pole dancing videos EVERYWHERE, so I took this as a sign to find a class that I could take. Of course, I couldn’t take one as soon as I wanted to because of covid, but now that the world is somewhat active classes have opened back up. I’m so pleased to say that SOACG will be hosting a pole party. Pole dancing isn’t just for entertainment purposes. It’s a workout, a way to tap back into yourself, and so much more. I want this Friday night class to the first of many classes that we host. I also want our readers and supporters to have a new outlet, a space to express themselves and to bring that sexiness front and center. Bring all you got to The Pynk SOACG Pole Party. 

Tickets cost $50. With the purchase of a ticket, you get a 2-hour class that night with light refreshments, a goodie bag, and a FREE class in the future. So if you ready to follow rule #1 at The Pynk then make sure you get your ticket ASAP! We gonna make Uncle Clifford and nem proud with this one. 

You already know that I have to close the weekend out with a bang since we can’t have a pool party. I’m having a cookout! I want everybody who comes to have a great time. Many people have been riding with us since day 1 and even if you just hopped on I’m glad you’re here. Tickets for this event go on sale on May 5th as well. It’s very limited so don’t miss out. 

I am beyond excited and can’t wait for this weekend to get here. IT’S ABOUT TO BE A MOVIIIEEEE! I think there’s no better way to begin our 6th year. 

Keep your eyes on me because May 5th is when everything kicks off, but we are keeping our masks on!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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