Valentine’s Day❣️

Have you been seeing pink and red balloons, stuffed animals with ‘I love you’ or ‘Be Mine’ on the tummy, and candy galore? If you have, welcome to Valentine’s month. I say month because these are the first things you see in stores directly after the new year begins. They don’t waste any time to get to the national day of loooooooove.

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day?

As of right now, I have don’t have any plans but who says I have to wait for somebody else to do something. This is the perfect day to treat yoself. Look at Valentine’s Day as the ultimate self-care day. Treat yoself to dinner and a movie, or even a night out with your girls. If you’re anything like meyou’lll be ordering something off Uber Eats and probably watching one of the many sappy, rom-com airing on Freeform or something on Netflix.

No matter what you’ll be doing, you might as well look good, right?! Here are a few looks I’ve put together in a matter of minutes that can go a long way.

This beautiful two-piece set has been hanging in my closet for months, waiting patiently for me to give her a spin. I figured this look would be perfect for valentines day or simply the weekend out. Going out to the club or to a concert, no problem. Let the lights hit you and you will literally be shining the entire night. With the right shoes and accessories, you will enjoy whatever the night brings you because at the end of the day you know you look good!


Want to go on the more casual side of things? You can still get that look with the pants from the set along with a sweater of your choice to keep you warm. Wear a denim or bomber jacket to add to the look, and you’re set!


And if you want to show off in the top you can wear it with a skirt or a pair of jeans. Depending on the weather, you should have a jacket that won’t take away but add to the look and also keep you warm.


Two Piece Set: B. Couture Boutique

Purse: Fashion To Figure

Sweater: Lord and Taylor

Boots: Forever 21

Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, give and most importantly receive love without hesitation. A little can go a long way!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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