Sweet Holy 🍯

I’ve been thinkin’ bout you
Thinkin’ bout you night and day…

Happy Friday & Happy February loves! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that January is over. It seems like it was taking ol girl forever to end! I’m glad that we finally have made it to this month because we’re closer to my birthday!!!! But that’s another post for another day lol. Let’s get into tuhday’s look…

Y’all know I love sets, pant and skirt. Do you have to wear the sets together all the time just because they go together? OF COURSE NOT! You get more wear out of each piece from whatever set if you wear them separately. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this skirt. I purchased the lovely set from Hook’d On Crochet during the summer, remember? I’ve been wanting to wear the skirt a few times during the winter only, but since it has been too cold, I’ve figured I’ll wait till it warms up just a little bit more.

I’ve probably envisioned this look over and over with different top and shoes, but this right here is me. This skirt is absolutely one of the most comfortable pieces I own to date. It hugs, but not too tight or too short (for me). I don’t think I’ll ever get over these thigh high boots. They go so well because it’s not like my legs are not just out and about. I know my mother probably would have my neck if I didn’t wear these boots lol. hey, ma!

Who knows what exactly I’ll get myself into in this skirt when its spring and summer again. More than likely I’ll probably wear a graphic t-shirt of some sort and some tennis shoes or sandals for a more casual look. Want to see that look come to reality? You’re just going to have to stick around with me to see it!

Have you worn a piece from a set without its mate? Was it a win or fail? Let me know all about it because I would love to see how you’ve put your own spin on it.

LISTEN: Sweet Holy Honey x Sango & Xavier OmΓ€r

Outfit Details:

Top: Lord & Taylor (H Halston)

Skirt: Hook’d On Crochet

Boots: Payless

Have a great weekend lovelies

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice πŸ’•

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