šŸ—£2k17 Recap

This year has been nothing short of what life truly is. From getting a new job, being fired from said job, my Nana and one of my good friends passing away, to getting a new job — I must say I handled each situation to the best of my abilities. Some things still hurt, but that’s life. The show must go on.

I also stepped out a few times this year and killt the game! I’ve been to more fashion shows and events this year than I have been in a while. I felt like I was in my element the most when it came to attending the shows. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to shine a light on the positivity within the DMV plus size community felt like home. I knew that networking was key but never put into serious practice. Twitter started the groundwork and the moment I went to these events it felt like I knew the bloggers, models, and influencers for years. Yes, I’ve worked with a few beforehand, but it was amazing to know that even in a small community, WE OUTCHEA!

This year I promised myself I would be on a journey of treating myself each month (thanks, Donna!). I’ve stuck with it and I am very proud of myself. If you want to get a quick look at exactly what I’ve done this year, click right šŸ‘‰šŸ¾ here šŸ‘ˆšŸ¾.

Now lets get into my favorite looks throughout the year!!



I will admit that I’ve called myself #casualbae or #croptopbae because that’s all I really wear when I’m chilling. Its who I am and will continue to be in 2018, but when its time for me to clean up, I’m pretty nice with it. Don’t you agree?


District of Curves Full Figured Fashion Showcase


This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally got a romper that I LOVE! The moment the weather gets warmer, I’m racking up on more. Romper SZN

FullSizeRender 5img_1979img_1588

Crochet was a statement in my wardrobe this year too! Shoutout to HookdonCrochet for my set. Now that its cooler, better believe I’m coming for a cardigan. HOC


I still look back at my snapstory from this night. It felt so good to be at this show. I probably was on cloud 11 when it was over. NCD


I had to showout at our 2nd Birthday Party


I said I was on cloud 11 after NCD’s fashion show, but idk if anything will top this night.



I snapped my own neck this year, okay! I’ve stepped out my shopping comfort zone and found a new love for stores I’ve never thought I would shop in. I can only imagine how I will upgrade my style as time goes on. Just know that I’m ready for everything that is coming my way in 2018.

I pray that year was the year to prepare us for the blessings that will fall afresh in the coming days. If you’ve been hit hard this year with bad news after bad news, keep your head up love, your time is coming. Let go and let God!

Slay on boo. We can only go up in 2018!

see you next year

Xoxo, Jonice šŸ’•




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