HookdonCrochet ๐Ÿ’›

Heeeeyyy babiessss! I know, it has been a while since a post was made on a Monday. The beginning of the week has caught me by surprise and I’m tired of being stripped up by the end of the weekend. I’m here, ready to start the week a little bit better than I have been. Soooooo let’s do this!!!

Over the summer I had the honor of being introduced to Hook’d on Crochet by one of my friends. I did a little research to see exactly what they were about and let me tell you; I AM SO GLAD I DID! Seniya, the owner of the lovely handmade pieces, is a black woman who is based out of Maryland! I’m here for supporting small business, especially if they are black owned and local. I knew that at the end of the day I had to have something by her; not because I needed to, but because her work is amazing! I did my part to pick out the piece that had my heart and wouldn’t let it go.


I took plenty of screenshots of what I thought I wanted, but this set really had me stuck. It wasn’t just the color, but the detail that is put into it! Once I saved up my funds, I put my order in with the quickness. Seniya is such a sweetheart and very passionate about her products. In the two week process of making this beauty, she kept me updated with pictures along the way. That kind of customer service not only will bring me back for more of her work, but it shows me she is serious and wants nothing but the best to come out of your order. Here’s a look at how she fit on me:

You cannot tell me this set is not FYE!!!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ Get into the detail hunty!!

Just because it’s a set, that doesn’t mean you always have to wear it together! I took that skirt off and switched it for a pair of jeans. This not only is another look, but you can definitely wear this anywhere your heart desires.

With the summer slowly coming to a close and the nights getting a little cooler; I know for a fact that I will be ordering more from this company. You should also see what pieces she has now and will have in the future:CLICK HERE FOR THEIR IG

Get on the wave of buying black!! I promise you won’t be disappointed with the service and quality of each piece.

Outfit Details:

Set: HookdonCrochet

Jeans: Fashion To Figure

Treat Yo Self to some end of the summer pieces and some that are ready for the fall! I honestly cannot wait because I thrive in the fall; my wardrobe steps it up a notch or two.

Are you excited as me? If not, you better get ready because its coming! & when you do some shopping with HookdonCrochet, tell her SOACG sent you ๐Ÿ’›

See you in the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice ๐Ÿ’•



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