Swimsuit Season πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄πŸŒŠ

I’m dreaming of a beach. It’s 80 degrees, I’m relaxing having a wonderful time with some friends while looking good in my new swimsuit. Now if only that was happening right now instead being wrapped up in 2 blankets in this 31 degree weather. A girl can dream right? 

As you know, around this time in January & February swimsuits are making an appearance that are getting buyers excited about the summer time. I know when I see new swimsuits I want to get my hands on it first so I won’t have to pick through the leftovers, high prices, grandma swimsuits. Plus size girls deserve to look good on the beach, on vacation, & poolside. Gabi Fresh knows & has done it again! 

Her new line Swim Sexy with Swimsuitsforall.com  is everything that name says and more! Each piece is different in its own way. The different designs and style of each suit make the plus size girl feel and look sexy at an affordable price. 


I’m telling you this Baroness suit is EVERYTHING & it fits incredible! I’m wearing size 16 D/DD swimsuit! I was worried that it wouldn’t fit, but I’m glad I was wrong.I definitely want to pack my bags and fly to somebody’s beach just so I can wear this baby. Who knows I might just get another suit to add to my collection. 

Go to swimsuitsforall.com & get your hands on this suit and the many other suits they offer from Gabi’s collection & more!

 P.S. Use that discount they are giving away-30% & up off. You’ll thank me later! 


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