Happy Monday! Since today is my day off I decided today would be the day to show some long awaited TLC to my mane. I was able to grab a few things from my local Walgreens & beauty supply store. 

First off Walgreens is having an amazing sale till Nov 4th on Shea Moisture & other hair products. I chose to get Carol’s Daughter for the first time and give it a try. I also picked up some gorgeous nail polish. It’s time for a fill in anyway. I’ll be bringing my own nail polish this time instead of the hard time of picking through so many colors lol. At the beauty supply I also picked up some Castor oil & some hair essentials for my 4C mane.  

 I’ve been viewing a few videos on YouTube and I figured today would be the perfect day to have a little fun. Time to turn up the music and show her some TLC. 

If you have natural hair, what products do you use to moisturize, detangle, & maintain your hair? 

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